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Pleasure and frustration

Pleasure and frustration


When you decide to penetrate into the vast world of social networks and more particularly when it comes to photography, on Instagram, you face necessarily during your journey a variety of feelings, impressions, frustrations and moments of pleasure.

One day, you start seriously and full of good resolutions, to send to the cruel world of internet a photo each day.

What a pleasure to discover with a naive astonishment that you are not alone and that myriads of people around the world have had exactly the same brilliant idea…

you start to care about  the “likes”,to beg for “followers”, to choose more photos that people will “like”, which are trendy: all this to satisfy, once more, your need of love.

It was brave to convince yourself that this virtual jungle will in no way change your taste or your artistic choices, you need to satisfy the largest number with a bulimia of “every day more and better”…

A few followers abandon you and you get sad and depressed.

The ‘likes’ drop to half of the score of the day before and it is a catastrophy.

You feel surprised visiting other accounts that a member who has posted only 10 pictures has 10,000 subscribers, then another one that offers more than 500 photos which most seems of quality has only 500 subscribers: mystery of the web where the trivial can become a star and the passionate artist can be ignored.

So, Instagram? Exchange platform for passionate, professional photographers or amateurs or great market of everything from very bad to the very best ?  The question may arise.

With some photos you find comments that do not usually exceed three words: “Like It” or “amazing” or “very cool” and of course a ton of emoticons to be young or to simply use this beautiful language of the modern illiterate.

Anyway, It can be rich and useful to use this tool to communicate with an every day larger community covering the planet.

The need to communicate and to be recognized remains the strongest…


Final specifications for the 5d Mark IV

New details about the 5D Mark IV


The well-known CanonRumors seems to confirm the characteristics already announced for the long-awaited Canon EOS 5 d Mark IV.
The announcement is made also of its certification in Indonesia.

So what are the main specifications:

  • WIFI and GPS seem to be confirmed
  • Touch screen
  • 9 Fps
  • 61 autofocus points
  • 4K Video
  • Digic 7 Processor
  • ISO expandable to 204 800
  • 28Mp Resolution
  • and many other things…

It all sounds enticing!